Espresso..........(single 1.5 oz)
Strong, black, coffee, served in a
small cup.
Eye Opener.....(double 3.0 oz)

12 oz           16 oz          20 oz

Freshly Brewed Coffee
rotate flavors, see schedule in store
House specialities and flavors
of day

Café Latte (Vanilla & Carmel)
Espresso with hot frothed
milk, some foam.

Mocha (add some mint)
Espresso with hot frothed milk
chocolate & whip cream.

Italian Style Cappuccino
Espresso with hot, mostly
foamy milk, sweeten to taste.

Hot Chocolate
It will warm you up with a
taste of sweet chocolate &
whip cream.  Add a shot of
Toasted Marshmallow syrup

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Our delicious hot chocolate
with a shot of mint!

Hot water with an espresso
12 oz           16 oz          20 oz
White Chocolate Mocha
(signature) Espresso, white
chocolate, steamed milk, "other
secret ingredients"
Seasonal Drinks
Stop by and check out our
monthly specials
Chococarmel Latte        
Espresso, Caramel, chocolate,
vanilla, steamed milk

Girl Scout Cookie   
Espresso, chocolate, crème de
menthe, steamed milk

Berry Express
Espresso, steamed milk,

Polar Bear            
Espresso, white chocolate,
coconut, steamed milk

Nutty Professor   
Espresso, hazelnut, steamed

Butter Pecan Ecstasy      
Espresso, butterscotch,
hazelnut, almond, milk

Hot Carmel Apple Cider         
Hot Cider, Carmel Syrup, Touch
of Cinnamon
Iced / Blended
Cold Drinks
16 oz           20 oz
Any of your favorite coffee or
tea drinks on ice
Choice of: Whole Milk, Skim
Milk, Soy Milk
What? You have to Try it...

Java Joof(signature)
You will never have another
regular ice coffee after this one
(served hot, cold, or frozen)

Blended Coffee Drinks
Mocha Latte
Vanilla Latte
Carmel Latte

Blended Drinks
Honey Dew Melon new
Smoothies (see link)

Syrup Flavors: Vanilla, Carmel,
Hazelnut, Butterscotch, Almond,
Raspberry, Mint, Coconut,
Pineapple, Cherry, Kiwi,
Watermelon, Pineapple, Banana,
Strawberry, Orange, English
Toffee, Toasted Marshmallow,

Sugar-free Flavors: Vanilla,
Carmel, Hazelnut, & Raspberry
Fresh Bulk Coffee Menu
Try our new La'tea
A new twist to the normal
Latte'.  Made with Tea
instead of Espresso.  The
flavor will AMAZE you!
Flavored Coffee
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